Chattanooga Area Nurses in Advanced Practice

November 17th Online CANAP Meeting: Rapid Fire Talks (8 topics/ 8 speakers!)


Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 6:15pm ET - 8:00pm ET
This event has ended.



Rapid Fire Talks (7 topics): 1) Ear pain, otitis media, otitis externa, and TMJ; 2) Medical compression stockings; 3) Surgical Breast oncology; 4) Bladder Cancer 5) TBD R/T dietician; 6) PVD and leg pain; 7) Advanced Directives/ Advanced Care Planning


7 Guest speakers: 1) Katy Poole, NP; 2) John Jordi, PTA; 3) Takeyla William, MD; 4) Jeffery Mullins, MD; 5) Patrick Wortman, Registered Dietician and certified personal trainer; 6) Roxanne Phillips, NP; 7) Mary Jo Blanton, NP

Additional Information

When: Tuesday 11/17 6:15- 8:00 pm on CANAP provided Zoom

Title: 10 Minute Rapid Fire Talks (7 topics/ 7 speakers!)

Where: On Zoom. Link provided in an automated email after registering on CANAP website.  Please type your names into Zoom chat box for attendance.  CANAP members attending will have a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card and Memorial swag.

Agenda with Topics and Speakers:

6:15-6:25: Katy Poole, NP (ENT specialty NP at Dalton Ears, Nose and Throat Specialists): Ear pain, otitis media, otitis externa, and TMJ.

6:25- 6:35: Takeyla William, MD (Breast Surgical Oncologist at Breast Care Associates) Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations and Modalities.

6:35- 6:45:  Jeffery Mullins, MD (Director of Urologic Oncology at CHI Memorial): Contemporary evaluation and management of the renal mass

6:45- 6:55: John Jordi, PTA, CLT-LANA, CI, ASTYM (Medical Compression and Lymphatics PTA): Medical compression stockings

6:55-7:05: Patrick Wortman, MS, RD, LDN, (CLT NSCA Certified Personal Trainer at Memorial Integrative Medicine Associates): COVID-19 and Nutrition: An opportunity for improvement?

**5 minute break**

7:10- 7:20: Roxanne Phillips, NP (vascular specialty NP at Vascular Institute Chattanooga): PVD and leg pain

7:20- 7:30: Mary Jo Blanton, NP (NP at UTC Chattanooga School of Nursing): Advanced Directives/ Advanced Care Planning

7:30- 7:45 Announcements by CANAP President Glenna Lashley and other Board Members: NP week postcards, plans for December with Jeapardy style holiday online prize- filled CANAP event, nominations for open CANAP Board position (opening for Education Chair 2021)

7:45 Announcement of the 2 winners  Amazon gift card and Memorial swag bag. 

Free chance to win 1 $20 Amazon gift card and 1 "CHI Memorial branded swag: tote bag, travel mug, throw blanket, battery pack charger, small notebook, 2 baking spatulas. You must be registered and attending the online meeting in order to win!

Posted 10/11/2020 Kelly Licht, NP. Agenda updated on 10/28. Updated 11/9 with 1 speaker cancellation.