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NightinGala Nominations

Posted 9 months ago by Amanda Davenport

Don't forget to sign up for the NightinGala if you plan on attending.  Below is some information about how to nominate for the partnership and alumni awards. 

Outstanding Alumni Award for the UTC School of Nursing 

The School of Nursing’s Outstanding Nursing Alumni Award will be presented to an individual from time to time who has been recognized as an outstanding nurse by his/her peers and has served as a mentor in facilitating the growth and future development of nurses within the profession. The individual should have made notable contributions to the field of nursing during his/her career in the areas of nursing education, nursing practice, nursing administration, nursing research or health policy. This contribution may be at the local, national or international levels.

Nominate Here 

Community/Partnership Award criteria

  • Outstanding contributions to nursing practice/leadership/healthcare of individuals/community
  • Description of the partnership

o   how it started

o   participants and roles

o   duration

o   contributions to date

o   alignment and advancement of the mission/philosophy of the SON

o   sustainability of the partnership – what are future plans

Nominate Here!