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Registering timeline and cancellation for CANAP Monthly Meetings

Posted 7 months ago by Kelly Licht

Posted 12/18/2019:

Effective February 2020 CANAP Meeting, registration for each CANAP (Regular) meeting won't open until the first day of the month that the meeting occurs. To help with planning your schedule, monthly meetings will be posted well in advance. They are usually on the third Tuesday of the month. We hope that decreased time from registration to the actual event will help our members keep track of their registered events and reduce "no shows." We currently send automated reminder emails (to the email on your profile) for your registered meetings.

Finally, if you need to cancel your registration for a CANAP Regular Meeting and are unable to cancel yourself on the website, please email Kelly Licht:

Thank you!

Kelly Licht, NP

Education Co-Chair


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