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Chattanooga Area Nurses in Advanced Practice (CANAP) Members:

COVID- 19 Resources:

Below are some resources that I’ve compiled from colleagues in Atlanta (UAPRN on Facebook), Laura Searcy, other NPs and from my own searches.

You may find some of these helpful as you evaluate and treat patients for COVID-19 in the Chattanooga area (as of 3/19/2020). Please share with us items you have found helpful: (CANAP has a Facebook page and website

Local Screening Hotlines for Patients:

  1. Hamilton County COVID-19 Hotline: 423-209-8383
  2. GA Screening Hotline for Patients with COVID- 19 Symptoms: 844-442-2681
  3. TN Public Information Hotline: 877-857-2945
  4. GA Department of Public Health Coronavirus Information Line: 866-782-4584

Local Screening/ information from Depts of Health for APRNs:

  1. See bottom of this document for TN Dept of Health Guidance for triage and assessment pdf
  2. TN Department of Health; COVID-19 for Healthcare Providers: (click on Healthcare Providers and then click on desired section: Triage and assessment, Clinical information about this disease, Report a case of this disease, Report a case of this disease by fax, Submit a specimen for laboratory testing,  Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators,  TDH COVID-19 Webinar for Health Care Providers,  PPE Conservation Guidance and Application for Executive Order
  3. GA Department of Public Health- COVID-19 for Healthcare Providers:


COVID- 19 Confirmed (or Possible) Case Trackers:

  1. Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 Daily Status Report:
  2. Tennessee Tracker:
  3. WHO Global Tracker
  4. US and Canada Tracker
  5. Johns Hopkins Global Tracker

Legislative Change Affecting Tennessee APRNs:

  1. State of Tennessee Executive Order by the Governor: 3/19/2020 Number 15. “An Order Suspending Provisions of Certain Statutes and Rules and Taking Other Necessary Measures in Order to Facilitate the Treatment and Containment of COVID-19. Order 5: (A number of rules and Regs) are hereby suspended to the extend necessary to relieve nurse practitioners who have been issued a certificate of fitness to write and sign prescriptions or issue drugs from the following requirements: (1) filing a notice with the Board of Nursing containing the name of the nurse practitioner, the name of the licensed physician collaborating with the nurse practitioner, and a copy fo the formulary describing the categories of legend and non-legend drugs to be prescribed or issued by the nurse practitioner; (2) having charts reviewed; and (3) having remote sites visited by collaborating physicians every thirty (30) days.”

Overviews and General Treatment Protocols:

  1. CDC Coronavirus page: symptoms, community resources, US case tracker, info for providers, latest updates
  2. EM Crit: Internet Book of Critical Care: Detailed information on COVID-19
  3. EB Medicine: Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: An Overview for Emergency Clinicians - EXTRA Supplement (Based off ER Clinician experience)…/infectious-disease/COVID-19
  4. Seattle Intensivist One-Page Summary on Covid-19, excellent 1 page cribsheet- but be aware information on treatment is rapidly changing (for example no routine oral/ IV steroids for COVID-19)…/an-intensivists-one-pager-on-covi…
  5. UW Medicine- policies and protocols in response to the outbreak in Western Washington (watch for dates on documents to assess timeliness)
  6. UCSF Medical Center Algorithms- COVID-19 patient care protocols with the latest best practices and CDC guidance; includes ambulatory and inpatient guides.
  7. WHO:
    1. As of 3/19, they have a variety of COVID-19 online free courses relevant to APRNs: Infection Prevention and Control, Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) and basic hygiene measures to protect against infection, Clinical Care Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (great article for hospital and ER APRNs), Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19: methods for detection, prevention, response and control
    2. Document for Clinical Management of SARI in patients suspected to have COVID-19 (very good read for ICU and hospital APRNS):


  1. The Drive by Peter Attia: Podcast Episodes 97 and 98 on COVID-19:

Specialty Information from Laura Searcy, NP: (** Note, I have not confirmed this section except for the ACC/ cardiology site)

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

  1. Use of Single Ventilator for Multiple Patients
  2. ECMO: Halfway down page are links on scientific literature/management

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

1. ACOG Practice Advisory (MOST UP TO DATE LINKS to almost all topics!…/Practice-Advisory-Novel-Coronavirus2…

  1. See Master Protocol Sites above
  2. CDC Pregnancy and Breastfeeding…/…/prepare/pregnancy-breastfeeding.html
  3. CDC COCA Webinar on Pregnanct and Pediatrics (summarized in post labeled OB/PEDIATRICS), audio resource…/calls/2020/callinfo_031220.asp…
  4. ACOG Outpatient Assessment of Pregnant Women with COVID-19…/Practice-Adv…/COVID-19-Algorithm5.pdf
  5. CDC and ACOG Infection Prevention and Control in Inpatient Settings…/inpatient-obstetric-healthcare-guidan…

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

  1. AAP Early COVID-19 Data/Pedi Epidemiology…/peds.2020-0702.ful…
  2. Clinical and CT Differences Between Peds and Adults w COVID-19

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

1. Society of Italian Radiology: multiple cases of CXR and CT scans

  1. Lung US Findings

1. See Master Protocol Sites above

  1. ACS Statement on Elective Procedures…/covid-19/information-for-surgeons
  2. Surgical Grand Rounds Discussion, video…


  1. Cardiology- American College of Cardiology- updated constantly with treatment of COVID- 19 in patients with cardiac disease, and cardiac concerns in patients with COVId-19
  2. Gastroenterology
    ---- Joint Statement from AGA, ACG, AASLD, ASGE…/joint-gi-society-message-covid-19-…

---- ASGE Statement on Endoscopy Precautions…/CoronavirusO…

  1. Jails / Inmates
    ---- Federal Bureau of Prisons Action Plan

---- Statement from King County

  1. Ophthalmology
    ---- AAO Statement…/alert-important-coronavirus-context
  2. Psychiatry / Mental Health
    ---- Resources for Psychiatrists: excellent! Discusses telehealth, PPE, etc.!…/covid-19-mental-health-impacts…


  1. AAP Coding and Billing Factsheet…/Doc…/coding_factsheet_telemedicine.pdf
  2. AAP Telemedicine Resources…/ma…/telehealth-care/Pages/default.aspx


Kelly Licht, NP- CANAP Education Co-Chair

Date: 3/19/2020


Kelly Licht about 1 year ago

Another resource: AANP's compilation of COVID-19 policy and legislative updates:

Kelly Licht about 1 year ago

FREE- up to 10 hours of CME and continuously updated information on COVID-19 from American College of Physicians:

Kelly Licht 11 months ago

Hamilton County COVID-19 Tracker, including hospitalizations:

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