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June Dinner Meeting

Posted about 1 month ago by Mary Jo Blanton

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Registration for our June Dinner Meeting will Open on 5/24/21 and close on 6/1/21.  

Registration is limited to the first 40 participants.  

We are closing registration early because the restaurant needs an entree' choice upon registration.  

Dinner is sponsored by Astra Zeneca and will be hosted at the Feed Table & Tavern.  See invitation for complete details. 


Linda Dwyer 17 days ago

Will the venue have room for social distancing the way Ruth chris’ did ?

Kelly Licht 15 days ago

How do I get in contact with the rep? I didn't see the contact info and would like to talk to her. Thanks! Kelly Licht

Michele Holifield 6 days ago

Can we register today?

Michele just contact the rep directly to register!

Rachael Green 3 days ago

Except there’s no info for contact

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